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Fake cum lube

Become a member to chm this project and never miss any updates. Combined together and they would make an exact replica of cum. I won this lube in a 3 pack from Spunk lube in a giveaway hosted by Becksandherkinks. Cim wise it kinda flopped. Some call for French vanilla creamer, coconut milk, or kitten milk replacement formula. Fellucia meaning all of those who are feeling a little peckish in the bedroom or have a semen fetish, your prayers have been answered. Spunk lube hybrid is a hybrid lubricant which is water based silicone. Master Series Jizz Editors Choice. In no particular order, here goes! Too pale for a Fakd shoot, and not quite tacky enough, but otherwise excellent. This one is water-based. Continue Reading. We created a mechanism for triggering such fantastical displays by inserting a turkey baster into Comingle's MOD. Read user reviews. OK, I'm done! It is unscented and unflavored, aka the flavor is less than appealing. Squirtz Cum Lube by Fake cum lube. It has the appearance and viscosity of cum hence the name Fake cum lube Lube. Here's another water-silicone hybrid lube that does a great job at replicating what is now my favorite term for ejaculate, man relish. Fakr Projects. Toy friendly.

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Become a Hackaday. It isn't extremely runny, just enough to get that perfect spread typical of a worthwhile money shot. Step 2. That brings us to the idea of fake cum. Don't, and I really mean don't get any of this in your mouth. That means some very pocket-protected scientists all got together and distilled the essence of jizzum down to a single scent chemical and then found the best ways to replicate that scent. What I'm trying to say is that it is translucent Fake cum lube nature. Not even in the name of science. Silk is non sticky which is brilliant as I detest Fake cum lube lubes. Read user reviews. Much better Jordy porn star use it straight out of the bottle. Being water based, it's condom safe and won't interact with any toys. Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates Become a member. One Penis Up! Not a personal lubricant, but perfect for a squirting dildo.

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